Professional Maintenance Makes Tri-Cities Property Management Worth It

Ask any of us at Property Care Inc., and we’ll tell you that real estate gains in the Tri-Cities area have the potential to be ongoing. So all that you need to remember is to keep your property running in excellent condition with consistent, professional quality maintenance. 

Consider the following questions that are important to keep in mind as a property manager or owner: 

  1. Are you prepared to attend personally to every maintenance request or maintenance issue?
  1. Will you be fine with receiving phone calls at 6 AM because someone’s electricity went out?

Professional maintenance is imperative if you want to turn your investment property into a reliable form of income, and with minimum effort. You need a professional staff that provides competent property maintenance services. 

If you still are unsure of the importance and relevance of excellent quality professional maintenance, consider the following reasons why property managers in the Tri-Cities should invest in professional maintenance for their single-family homes or multi-family units. 

Professional Maintenance is Mutually Beneficial to Managers and Renters 

Regardless of how “modern” your rental property might seem, it is still susceptible to such common problems as electrical malfunctions and plumbing issues. It is in your best interest to solve these maintenance problems as soon as possible in order to keep happy and satisfied renters. 

It should be a priority of your property management team to screen and secure dedicated, superior quality maintenance staff to contend with emergencies quickly.  Your renters will realize the benefits of doing so, as well. 

Make sure you have someone available for maintenance needs 24-hours a day. Your renters will be pleased at how seriously their maintenance requests are received. As the property managers, you get the reward in the form of more renter renewals, and long-term renters!

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Don’t think for a minute that your renters will put up with un-ending excuses for not tending to their repairs. Delayed responses to maintenance requests likely will cost you, in not only money, but in the erosion of trust from your renters. You could face an exodus of renters and eventually sustain a poor reputation in your community for being a lackluster property owner. 

Remember, your renters are paying attention to how you respond to their maintenance needs, and their attitudes and perceptions of you as the property manager or owner could directly impact the profitability of your rental property. 

You want to cultivate a reputation for prioritizing maintenance issues among your renters. This will lead to higher renter retention rates. The last thing a property manager needs to contend with is high turnover in renters. This will make it difficult for you to realize consistent and reliable income. 

Professional Maintenance Companies Are Experts in Keeping Your Properties Appealing

If you are interested in growing your property management business – and why wouldn’t you be? – then it behooves you to defer maintenance responsibilities to a professional maintenance company. 

Property maintenance involves much more than tightening screws or changing lightbulbs. There are extensive technical skills necessary to properly maintain a property. Taking this ambitious task on exclusively will cost you in delayed and deferred maintenance solutions and could result in upset renters. 

As a Tri-Cities property owner or manager, there are specific tasks that you are not adequately equipped to do. It requires a certain type of experience and training to pull off what professionals who handle maintenance and repairs do. 

What’s more, you should also consider the value of your time. You are better off focusing on your primary management responsibilities and leaving the maintenance work to a professional maintenance company. 

Adhering to the Law

No matter where your rental property is located in the Tri-Cities, it is subject to the rules and regulations that define what a truly habitable residence is. For example, ants or termites cannot live alongside renters. There are specific standards in housing that must be maintained.  If they are not, you could face penalties and worse from regulatory agencies. 

Property managers can avoid these legal issues if they utilize professionals when it comes to property maintenance. A full-service property management company will keep your property in superb condition, so much so that infestations and equipment malfunctions will become unusual occurrences. Opting for a professional maintenance crew will also go a long way toward increasing your property values in a good rental market like the Tri-Cities!

Look to Property Care Inc. as the Experts in Property Maintenance!

Property Care, Inc. provides exceptional building maintenance for all types of rental properties, be they single-family dwellings or multi-family residences. Additionally, Property Care Inc. offers a variety of janitorial services and landscape maintenance services for commercial, single-family and multi-family residential properties throughout the greater
Tri-Cities area. 

Our staff at Property Care Inc. has the training, knowledge, and experience to expertly perform building maintenance jobs for your properties.  Our routine building maintenance will help enhance the health and safety of your tenants. 

We are the one to call for all of your needs. One call does it all!