Apartment Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Your renters will have occasion to need something repaired or tended to, such as a leaky ceiling, a running toilet, or removal of pests.  Renters can count themselves as fortunate in that they receive free maintenance for their apartments through apartment management, as some apartments provide 24/7 emergency maintenance. 

What Maintenance Does Apartment Management Cover?

Apartment maintenance deals with the upkeep of multi-family residences. It encompasses a wide range of repair work that includes plumbing, HVAC, appliance repair, security, cleaning, grounds-keeping, and pest control. 

The primary objective of apartment maintenance is to ensure the buildings are consistently livable, safe, and comfortable for tenants and others on the premises. 

Leaks and Water Damage

An upstairs neighbor could have a leaky fridge or an overfilling bathtub that has caused a leak in the apartment below. There could be major water damage. Tenants should call the leasing office, or the property manager, or landlord to get this taken care of right away. Renter’s insurance would cover damage to personal belongings. However, tenants should refer to their renter’s insurance policy to determine exactly what is covered.  

HVAC Repairs 

There is no doubt that the air conditioning unit going out during summer is a major frustration. What about the heat accidentally shutting off in the middle of winter? Then there are also ventilation issues. Renters can take heart knowing that HVAC repairs are a common occurrence and a call to the landlord should rectify things. Renters can also submit a request for an emergency repair to their HVAC. Apartment management is responsible for fixing these types of issues. 

Plumbing Issues

It is not unusual for renters to complain about toilets constantly running or kitchen faucets leaking. Renters should put in maintenance requests in these types of situations. 

Pest Control

All homes are susceptible to having pests and apartments are no different. Tenants who are encountering pests such as roaches, mice or rats or ants, for example, need to submit a maintenance request with apartment management. There are apartment communities that either charge tenants for a monthly pest control fee or they have pest control service on retainer that is free of charge for the tenant. 

Appliance Repairs

Common types of appliance malfunctions include a freezer that stops making ice or a dishwasher that stops running. These and other appliance problems should prompt tenants to contact maintenance. Management is responsible for fixing broken appliances if they came with the apartment. However, the landlord is not liable to fix appliances that the renter brought to the apartment, such as microwaves or toaster ovens. 

Doors or Window Locks 

An emergent issue like the lock breaking on the front door must be handled as soon as possible by apartment management. If the renter is unable to secure their apartment door, then that is a safety concern that requires immediate action. 

Routine Maintenance to Unit

Either semi-annually or annually, tenants will have routine maintenance done in their apartments. Routine maintenance encompasses checking smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and cleaning air filters. Apartment management is responsible for these routine maintenance measures. Management normally notifies tenants when routine maintenance is going to be carried out in their apartments. 

Types of Maintenance Workers

Smaller apartment complexes require a minimum number of maintenance employees.  Typically, these apartment complexes limit their personnel to one employee.  Larger properties with hundreds of housing units could employ multiple technicians to accommodate the considerable workload. 

Maintenance Technicians

Apartment maintenance technicians take care of the majority of repair and upkeep tasks, and this requires very diverse skills on their part. These technicians carry out both routine maintenance and emergency repairs. 

Maintenance Managers

A single maintenance manager is adequate for apartment complexes with fewer than 100 units. The manager usually handles all facets of apartment maintenance that includes planning, scheduling, budgeting, and completing maintenance tasks. For larger properties with 200 or more apartments, maintenance managers direct their attention to managerial functions as other part-time and full-time employees take care of repairs and upkeep work. 

Maintenance Supervisors

Maintenance supervisors are needed for larger apartment complexes that require multiple technicians. These supervisors establish daily tasks, ensure compliance with safety standards, and oversee technicians as they carry out their apartment maintenance projects. 

Buildings that Use Apartment Maintenance

There are many types of apartments and each of them comes with their unique maintenance needs. Some of these apartment building types include:  

Studios:  Studio apartments are small, one-room units with a kitchen, bathroom, and combination living room/dining room. 

Walk-Up:  A walk-up apartment is any apartment in a building without an elevator. 

High-rise:  Some apartment complexes extend beyond 12 stories high, making an elevator a necessity. 

Lofts:  Lofts are known for their spaciousness, and they typically have high ceilings and exposed rafters. 

Duplexes:  These are pairs of complete housing units that either share a wall or are located on separate floors. 

Triplexes:  A three-story apartment with a separate unit on each floor. 

Garden Apartments:  Ground-floor apartments with access to a garden or lawn. 

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