Improve Your Commercial Property Values through Landscaping

Those of you who own and manage commercial property are apt to focus on the maintenance of your buildings.  While building maintenance is important, you need to make sure you don’t neglect the grounds of your property so you don’t make a negative impression on visitors, customers, tenants, and potential buyers. 

What’s more, if you relegate commercial property upkeep to merely grass and nothing more, it will be easier to maintain but your grounds will look plain and unappealing. 

We invite you to add more vibrance and color to your landscape and enjoy a significant increase in your commercial property value!

There are several steps you can take to inject visitor appeal to your commercial property. 

Go for the Green

When it comes to enhancing the appeal of your commercial outdoor property, keep it simple by starting with your grass. Your curb appeal will increase and your property value will rise in part by keeping your grass in optimal condition. 

You can take basic measures to prompt customers, tenants, and visitors to be impressed. Begin by taking these steps: 

Raking:  Regularly remove leaves and other debris. 

Aerating:  Pierce the ground so water, air, and nutrients can more effectively reach the grass roots. This makes it possible for roots to grow more deeply, resulting in a healthy, lush, green lawn. 

Fertilize:  Feed your lawn the nutrients it needs every six to eight weeks during the growing season. 

Watering:  Water your grass deeply and occasionally, as infrequent watering instead of every other day watering will better promote root growth. 

Mowing:  We recommend that you cut your grass regularly, however, don’t cut it too short. The shade created by taller grass helps to prevent the growth of weeds. 

Edging:  If you ignore it, the growth patterns of grass will lead to grass creeping into your sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and flower beds. All of this reflects an untidy appearance. You also want to be sure to trim excess grass at the edge of the lawn for a well-manicured appearance. 

Pet Waste Management:  This is for commercial properties that are located near residential areas. You don’t want to have the luster and vibrancy of your lawn besmirched by pets. Simply secure an agreement with a poop scooping service that is coordinated between you and the apartment complex to ensure your property stays in pristine condition. 


Beautify your commercial property by adding some trees to your grounds. Among the benefits of trees are providing shade for visitors on your grounds while also removing carbon dioxide and pollution. Trees offer that unique benefit in that, unlike other additions to your property, trees increase in value over time as they mature. 

When you have fully grown trees on your grounds, be sure you have a maintenance crew take proper care of them so they stay healthy.  In order to guarantee the health of your trees, give them ample water so they thrive and place mulch at the base of the trees.

Also, prune your trees so that you are removing dead limbs and promote new growth.  Prune too much and you risk negatively impacting the tree’s health, structural integrity, and appearance. You can always reach out to a local tree trimmer for expert advice on tree maintenance. 

Flowers & Shrubs

When starting out with plants for your commercial property grounds, be sure you first implement a plant strategy. For example, it is wise to select plants that are both visually appealing and sturdy. You want plants that are low-maintenance and ideal for multiple seasons. 

The easy route is to choose plants that are flourishing year-round. For example, you’ll want to go with flowers and shrubs that include those that are attractive during the fall and winter.  You might want to seek the input of a local garden center to be sure which plants will be ideally suited for your particular climate. 

Spreading mulch between your plants is a sure way to make your flower beds more visually appealing. Mulch provides the double benefit of creating a more uniform and professional appearance, and it helps the plants retain moisture. Using mulch is an affordable way to easily increase your property value. 

The Beauty of Light

Why let the beauty and vibrancy of your landscape fade away after dark. Keep your aesthetic appeal going all night long by adding some lighting. Lighting can be used to showcase the most appealing features of your property. For example, you can spotlight your gazebo by hanging lights from it or have a light directed at a prominent tree. 

Also think of lights as functional. Well-lit grounds enable people to find your business more easily.  Outdoor illumination also discourages intruders and makes visitors to your property feel safe.

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